2003 Infiniti G35 Coupe In Ivory Pearl

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2003 Infiniti G35 Coupe Ivory Pearl

This is my latest car-toy.   It is the replacement for the 1995 Nissan that decided to break in a fairly expensive way.  This car actually brought me to the dealership to purchase one new---which I thought I would never do because of the taxation aspect.  I like it very much.  This picture was taken by the lovely Nafice on August 27th, 2003 at a Meet and Greet import car show at Andretti Speedlabs in Roswell Georgia.   It was purchased on or around April 2nd 2003 and at this time has a little over 5000 miles on it.

At some point I will have to scribble out it's features and capabilities,  etc.....But right now,  just seeing it on my screen is good enough.

Update:  04.20.2009---Car has passed the 50,000 mile mark.  Took the car and had the emissions test done.  It did not puke or fail,  so that is a good thing.  Still running like a nice rice burner.

Update:  06.10.2007---Car has passed the 35,000 mile mark.  Got some new tires.  The Michelin Pilot Sports that were on there lasted a good while,  but they started sucking more than usual and were pretty well worn so were replaced.  Factory tires are 225/45/18's on the front and 245/45/18's on the back.  This time I went with the BF Goodrich G-Force KDW2 tires purchased from Tire Rack and installed by NTB.  The size this time is 245/40/18's on the front and 255/40/18's on the back.  They make it a different car.  I have included some pictures to show how they fit the car and how it looks with different size tires on it.   On a side note:  NTB screwed up my spotless factory wheels.   I specifically told the guy that the front rims are different than the rears and that they needed to put the right tires on the right rims.  Morons did just the opposite and tried to force the rears on the front and the fronts on the rear---Brembo's got a good whacking and lost some paint in the process.  Rims were scratched all over.   I wonder if they would have taken better care if I had 22" chrome spinners on it.   I will not be using them again and if you value your rims,  you should not either.

Side view with new, wider tires.  Went about 20 over front and rear and 5 lower on the sidewall.

These tires have a more aggressive tread pattern than the factory tires.

Much more sticky than the Michelin pilot sports.

You could probably go a little wider on the front and the back,  but these do well for my sort of driving style.

Update:  09.04.2004  I ran over a chunk of wood yesterday in the road...tried to avoid it,  but I caught it on the front passenger side tire...Here are a few ../Images of what a over priced $700.00 factory rim looks like afterwards....

Update: 09.11.2005....Not much has happened with this car in a long time.  Yesterday I put some clear corners on it.  Price has dropped on them down to @30.00 at the dealership,  so while getting the oil changed at 22,800 miles I bought some.  Yay.  Several people have commented....why "fear the g35" for the domain name....Quite simply it is a foretelling of the future.   It may not be something to fear right now,  but at some point it will be.  After it is paid for and warranty is expired.   I am sure this will be a twin turbo car or at least a supercharged one.  heh.  It is just too slow right now.

Loaner car from the dealer while they repair the suspension damage from striking a piece of firewood in the road.

G35 Broken Rim

Little Crack in wheel from hitting a piece of firewood in the road.  I thought it was a paper bag,  until the truck in front of me passed over it and it did not move.

G35 Broken Rim

Gaping Wound

More Gaping Wound

Other side of Wound

G35 Painted Grille

Here is the spare grill I bought in 2003 that I had painted the same color as the body....Car is back from dealer after they repaired the suspension damage,  but did not repair the misalignment with the passenger side fender and the headlight assembly....Headlight assembly tab on passenger side has a broken tab.   Cheap fiberglass composite material.

G35 Ivory Pearl Painted Grille

I think the grille looks much better being body color....I like it a lot.

2003 G35 Coupe Side Ivory Pearl

Nice and clean G35.

2003 G35 Coupe Passenger Side Ivory Pearl

It is nice when a white car is clean.  You can really tell.  Just like a black car, but more pure.

Me and my G35 at Andretti Speed Labs in Alpharetta, GA.  It was a G35 gathering of some sort.

Added Some Clear Corners 09.10.2005

The clear corners on a G35 are relatively inexpensive.  Less than $30.00 for a set.  Makes a nice difference for a little money.

It is still a clean car.   In these pictures,  you can see the original tire size as opposed to the KDW2's pictured up above.  hardly noticeable difference in appearance or ride height.

Some day I may have to throw some tint on the windows.